Share to change lives.

Too often, we must blaze our own trail to healing after a child is diagnosed with Niemann-Pick C. By sharing resources with each other, we do not have to battle this disease alone.

We identify groups that help underserved communities in healthcare and use social search to connect them with NPC patients. Our technology works by amplifying YOUR voice and guiding it towards those in your network who can benefit most.

Meet the Team

Will Raasch

Founder, CEO

Will began his career working at the FDA Office of Orphan Drug Products. While there, he led an internal study to determine why drug candidates for rare disease patients were not approved. A surprisingly large proportion of these drugs were abandoned because of an inability to find patients. After the FDA, Will spent 7 years at Baxter Healthcare, eventually managing all US production of rare disease plasma products, leading a staff of 100 personnel and a budget of $20 million. After reading about the MIT initiative to find “needle-in-a-haystack” targets, he contacted the lab, left Baxter, built WeHealth to connect patients with advocacy groups and clinical research, solving the problem that he observed at the FDA. Will holds a BS in Biological Sciences from Stanford University and an MBS in Biotechnology from Keck Graduate Institute.

Mahrad Saeedi

Co-Founder, COO

Mahrad's passions are deeply rooted in supporting health equity initiatives to connect underserved patient communities with resources and support. His breadth of experience enables him to provide a unique perspective in partnering with patients, researchers and physicians to streamline the healthcare continuum using digital solutions. Prior to co-founding WeHealth, Mahrad worked as a management consultant for Eversana, where he partnered with life sciences companies to deliver strategic business solutions and enable broad access to innovative treatments. While there, he noticed pharma's clear inability to mobilize digital solutions for discovering and developing treatments, which further hindered product launches and patient access to timely treatment. Through WeHealth, Mahrad strives to empower patients with access to resources, treatment and support by building patient-driven communities for healing together. Mahrad earned his BS in Biology from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Ca and his MBS in biotech management from Keck Graduate Institute in Claremont, Ca.

Ayelet Marom

Product Chief

Ayelet manages WeHealth product development, user interaction, and analytics. From Israel, she earned a PhD at the Weizmann Institute of Science and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at City Of Hope Gehr Leukemia Center. In her academic career, she combined research with her passion for education and technology by writing, preparing and teaching student labs and courses, and advancing and developing an E-learning platform providing accessibility to learning materials. She also completed the Postdoctoral Professional Masters program at the Keck Graduate Institute, where she learned the business tools necessary to translate research into the market. Her knowledge in disease mechanisms and familiarity with patients in human diseases research settings, gives her a wide and practical perspective for problem solving in human disease research.

Lana Clay

Chief Advocate

Lana leads patient-focused and brand-related operations. Her priorities are to create patient awareness and advocacy and to drive customer preference. Lana was recognized as a “Federal Advocate” by Rare Disease Legislative Advocates in 2017 and named the “AYA Cancer Impact Recipient” by The Samfund in 2017. Lana is a member of CancerBase and the USC Michelson Center of Convergent Bioscience. She is also a board member for the myWish Project. From Placentia, CA, Lana earned a BS in Clinical Health from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She has earned Masters Degrees from Western University of Health Sciences (Health Professions Education, Community Health Development) and Keck Graduate Institute (Business of Science). She has also completed public policy and advocacy coursework at the Harvard School of Public Health. Her Doctorate in Education is from the USC School of Education emphasizing Organizational Change and Leadership.

Todd Reid

Design Advisor

Todd advises on the design of the WeHealth platform as it relates to social search crowdsourcing. As an Epidemiologist, Senior Scientific Investigator, and Lecturer at the MIT Media Lab, the Center for Assessment Technology and Continuous Health (CATCH) at Massachusetts General Hospital, and the Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health, Todd’s research focuses on integrating technology and innovation into health and the design and development of longitudinal epidemiological cohort studies and interventions. He co-authored the "Big Data and Health" report of the World Innovation Summit on Health (WISH) in Doha, Qatar, and teaches a course on “Data Driven Health” in the Media Arts and Sciences department of the MIT Media Lab. He also serves as a research scientist and executive committee member of the Africa/Harvard School of Public Health Partnership for Cohort Research and Training (PaCT), a four-nation longitudinal cohort study that will enroll 500,000 people to investigate Africa’s “epidemiological transition”—the shift to chronic ailments. He is an executive steering committee member of the Global Cohort Initiative (GCI), a multi-institutional consortium that will comprise over 3.5 million study participants from which longitudinal “Big Data” on behavior and health status will be collected and assessed continuously.

Eric Schlossberg

Architecture Advisor

Eric advises on the software architecture of the WeHealth platform. As a Software Engineer and Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab and the Center for Assessment Technology and Continuous Health at Massachusetts General Hospital, Eric’s research focuses on building computer platforms designed to collect big data for public health and medicine. He also engineers computer systems that facilitate collaboration within human networks. Additionally, he has served as an independent contractor for several innovative initiatives and projects globally. For more than 5 years I have been working with and teaching graduate students technical skills and techniques for big data collection, analysis, and visualization. He has also founded several startups as an entrepreneur.

How it Works


We launch campaigns that connect NPC patients with support and treatment opportunities


You only need to share with 1-2 friends to have an impact


We map how your shares spread and target them to NPC patients in your network


You can see your impact when we help NPC patients due to your sharing