Welcome to the movement to fight Gulf War Illness in our community. Together, we can spread the word to our fellow veterans so that they can get the help they need.

Were you deployed to the Persian Gulf region in support of Operations Desert Shield/Storm (1990–1991)?

While you do not qualify for one of our resources, you can help veterans in just a few clicks!


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I served with the Marine Corps in the 5th Battalion 10th Regiment as a fire direction controlman during the Gulf. We were engaged at al-Khafji, a tank battle in the middle of nowhere, and we helped take the airport. I do not have GWI but have recently signed up to participate as a healthy vet in a controlled study of GWI. Since moving to the Boston area 7 years ago, I also got involved with HomeBase. Once, they treated only Iraq/Afghan Vets but now they offer their serives to all veterans regardless of discharge status. Let's face it, some people get kicked out of the Corps or the other branches because the shit we went through was more than we were able to process. My own history of trauma actually led me in a career path that includes a Masters in Family Therapy and a Master of Divinity. I also currently serve as a call firefighter in my town and as the Chaplain for my department and the Police. I have done a good bit of trauma work with vets and first responders. Today, I mostly teach - at church and at a local college in the counseling department. I am available to anyone locally who wants to connect. You can find me on the web at my church rcckingston.org My schedule is flexible and I'm a pretty good listener if you need to bend an ear.

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